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Blue Beehive alan at bluebeehive.com
Sat Jul 4 15:14:58 CEST 2009

Thank you for you advice John. I will buy the book you suggested as I am 
sure it will be a great help.

Since I wrote the original message I have found the on line tutorial 
that you recommend and am beginning to work through it. I'm glad that I 
read all of the help files first though. It has helped make a bit of 
sense to what the tutorial is instructing me to do. The three things 
together, Help files, tutorial and Pete Masterson's book will put it all 
in place for me - says me confidently.

I followed your advice on Ghostscript as well. Un-installed Scribus then 
started again in the proper order. All is working well thank you.

One final question if I may although it is off topic. I have looked at 
forums before and can see how to reply to a post in them but I am a more 
than little lost with this mailing list. Can't seem to find how to 
respond to an entry. I guess that the way I have done this reply is wrong.

Even receiving replies is odd. My 'preferences' are set to receive all 
but I see in the digest that someone else has responded to my question 
although I didn't receive it as an individual mail.

The open source world is full of wonders to this old Windows user.

Many thanks for your help and guidance

Alan Taylor

John Culleton wrote:
> On Thursday 02 July 2009 04:58:08 am Blue Beehive wrote:
>> OK. I have downloaded and installed Scribus and started to read
>> the documentation (splendid stuff Peter). I am a Windows user who
>> has never done any DTP before, or anything else really, only
>> business accounts (package), the occasional spreadsheet  and the
>> usual emails. I have foolishly agreed to prepare and publish our
>> village mag - 32 double sided A4 pages and around 800 copies per
>> run) and thought Scribus hits the button. Now here is the BUT. I
>> now find that I also now have to have GhostScript and Ghostscript
>> viewer, GIMP and I don't know what else, and have got to learn
>> about PS, PDF and EPS files together with typography, fonts,
>> colour manipulation and what seems like a myriad of other things.
>> My question is simple. Where do I start? Which comes first in the
>> learning curve. Scribus, the other programs, terminology, the
>> file types? I am surrounded, nay buried, in 'new stuff'. So much
>> so that I have lost all sense or direction and have no idea where
>> the door is. Can anybody point to it. -- Please!
>> Alan
> You should load Ghostscript first, then Scribus.  Gimp is nice but 
> not essential for your app.  I would look up the file types on 
> wikipedia.  For a readable introduction to the publishing process, 
> not Scribus specific, I would buy Pete Masterson's book
> "Book Design and Production." It is an outstanding introduction to 
> the overall process, even  though it is not Scribus specific.
> There is also an excellent tutorial online that covers the main 
> points of using Scribus in a very readable manner.  
> The Scribus manual is comprehensive, but a bit overwhelming for the 
> absolute beginner. 
> John Culleton
> Create Book Covers with Scribus/e-book $5.95
> http://www.booklocker.com/books/4055.html
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