[scribus] Starting with Scribus

Tom Katke tomkatke at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 11:21:21 CEST 2009

>On Thu, 02 Jul 2009 09:58:08 +0100 Blue Beehive <alan at bluebeehive.com> Wrote:
>My question is simple. Where do I start? Which comes first in the
>learning curve. Scribus, the other programs, terminology, the file
>types? I am surrounded, nay buried, in 'new stuff'. So much so that I
>have lost all sense or direction and have no idea where the door is. Can
>anybody point to it. -- Please!

Your suspicions are correct Sir. The spiny feeling is caused
by the terminology. You must have the exact definitions of the
words in order to understand the subject completely. I found
wikipedia to be a great help. English is my first and only
language from which you may deduce I am American. Added to the
confusion for me is reading English written by the many wonderful
folks who have English as a second or third language. Their
ways of saying things does not at first easily find its way
through the rather substantial thickness of my head. I too
volunteered to publish a book for a man that is in prison. Had
no idea what I was getting myself into. Just now beginning the
seventh month of the project, feeling a bit more confident
in my explorations of not only Scribus but the Gimp. The on-line
tutorials at MeetTheGimp.org have been most inspiring. Am
awaiting the day when someone does tutorials for Scribus.
It evidently takes the patience of a school teacher to
produce these things. So get your dictionary in hand,
use the handy "define:[word]" in your favorite search engine
and you will have your feet solidly on the ground in no time.


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