[scribus] write and save a document

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 3 23:50:54 CEST 2009

Ronald Wiplinger (Lists) wrote:
> Greg,
> I know it is a difficult act of balance. I understand that the work
> should be compensated. However, you need to understand also the side of
> the company. They do not see the value of the book separated from the
> product.
> In this particular case, I was asking if and how it is possible and get
> an answer (which I forwarded to  the company) that we should buy a book
> to GET the answer. That is not going to work! Nobody will buy a book to
> see if it is working or not. Better buy a book PLUS product, where the
> description and the support states that it is working.
> Scribus is a great product!
> We need to find a way to get fundings in a different way. By hiding
> features into an extra book the great value of the product is not
> visible for the user and so the product loses value.
> Unfortunately the company is comparing Scribus to OpenOffice. It is
> free, has a great community, has documentation where you get all
> information and yes you can buy additional documentations.
> I am not sure if it would be of help, but I start a banner service and I
> could need some banners at the beginning, which are also not paid, just
> to get variety out here. I can offer the community to put such banners
> into my system pointing to a Scribus web site.
> GOAL from that should be that somebody of the big players (Sun, ...)
> will get aware of Scribus and add it to their program and fund it.
> Wouldn't it a great addition to OpenOffice, already offered by Sun?
There is ample documentation on Scribus, all free. The main sources are 
in Scribus itself (Help), and the main doc site http://docs.scribus.net/ 
and the wiki  http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Main_Page

if you go to the Index page of the wiki:
you will find a collection of links that people often need as they are 
learning Scribus.

There is also on the wiki the tutorial:

As you begin to delve into this free material, I think you or anyone in 
the company can decide if Scribus meets your needs and those with some 
savvy may not even need to buy the manual. The manual is simply an 
additional way of learning Scribus, and in that sense no different than 
the various books on other software projects available for sale. We 
think its quality and completeness justifies its cost for those who need 
or want this kind of detail in a printed book format.


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