[scribus] Starting with Scribus

michael crane mick.crane at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 17:58:42 CEST 2009

2009/7/2 Blue Beehive <alan at bluebeehive.com>:
> OK. I have downloaded and installed Scribus and started to read the
> documentation (splendid stuff Peter). I am a Windows user who has never done
> any DTP before, or anything else really, only business accounts (package),
> the occasional spreadsheet  and the usual emails. I have foolishly agreed to
> prepare and publish our village mag - 32 double sided A4 pages and around
> 800 copies per run) and thought Scribus hits the button. Now here is the
> BUT. I now find that I also now have to have GhostScript and Ghostscript
> viewer, GIMP and I don't know what else, and have got to learn about PS, PDF
> and EPS files together with typography, fonts, colour manipulation and what
> seems like a myriad of other things.
> My question is simple. Where do I start? Which comes first in the learning
> curve. Scribus, the other programs, terminology, the file types? I am
> surrounded, nay buried, in 'new stuff'. So much so that I have lost all
> sense or direction and have no idea where the door is. Can anybody point to
> it. -- Please!

It's not so hard. you only need to know enough to get it done.
Collect your material photos, text articles. Make a new A4 page then
add image frames for the photos and text frames for the text. As you
start wanting to do something specific with a picture or text, or you
want to print it then you can find out about that.

somebody else can probably be more precise.



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