[scribus] Bleeds

AnnaMaria Hedin amth at comhem.se
Tue Jan 27 11:59:35 CET 2009

Having realized that a manuscript I am prepraring for a printing house 
need bleeds,
I looked and found the helpful instructions at
but I still do not understand at all how to apply these instructions

0) Make a document with min. 20 pt scratch space above and on the right of the page 
- what is that?
and 40 pt vertical distance between the pages. 
- how?

1) Make a (black) registration color (C=100, M=100, Y=100, K=100) with the name "regcol". The script will ask for this color.
- where shall I put these numbers?
2) Save your document - all right, no problem :-)

3) Start the script
- what is that, how shall I do?

4) Enter your OS-type - is that of my computer's?
and scribus Version - should that be ???
, the unit and size of the bleed, - what to choose????
the color-names for the marks and text.  - ????
  The bleed will be automatically reduced if it's larger then the half vertical distance between the pages.
- Do I need that information?
5) Choose a directory where the tempory files and the output is stored.
- My English fails me, does that mean the  "place" where I save the document?

6) Choose whether you like to have marks and/or text.
- what difference does that make if I choose any of it? Recommendations?

The script will result in one pdf for each page and three scribus-files 
(rightPage.sla right pages and leftPage.sla left pages).
- Is that helpful for the printing office?

Many many thanks in advance if anyone can help!

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