[scribus] Scribus book cover template.

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun Jan 25 00:19:49 CET 2009

John Culleton wrote:
> I am in the process of writing an e-book "Creating Book Covers with 
> Scribus" aimed at the novice user.  Early in the e-book I refer the 
> reader to an online facility I created that does the heavy lifting 
> insofar as calculating the overall layout and the necessary/optional 
> vertical guides. The web page should be self explanatory, but you be 
> the judge:
> http://wexfordpress.net/template.html
> The e-book itself is still being written so of course you won't find 
> it online yet. 
You might compare notes with Ben Goodger to see how it went with our 
book. How do you know pages per inch? Something you automatically 
calculate from the paper thickness, or get from the printer?


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