[scribus] RE MAC OSX dmg file update

o.luther at strasbourg.cci.fr o.luther at strasbourg.cci.fr
Wed Jan 7 10:40:54 CET 2009

Dear Craig

I am taking this opportunity to report a problem I encountered with 
Ghostscript for OS X, although this is not directly related to Scribus : 
the pkg-file of Ghostscript 8.3 apparently fails to install. The strange 
thing is that the installation process is running fine, but when it's 
finished I can find no Ghoscript folder nor related file anywhere on my HD 
(and neither does Scribus...). Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the 
Linux environment, so if anyone can give me hint I would be very grateful 

My system is a MBP 2,33 running OS X 10.5 


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