[scribus] Protecting pages on PDF forms

Luis Eva Ferreira luisef at clix.pt
Mon Jan 5 23:13:04 CET 2009

I list
I wish to ask for helpon the following topic
I am new to Scribus, I am 0 (zero)  in programming, so I hope you will  
forgive me my ignorance on the this subject.
I've created a very simple document in Scribus to convert into PDF.
It is a 5 pages document,  each one is a form. The document must be fill  
by each of my 5 departments, each have their own page / form to fill and  
save in PDF using
the PDF-Xchange Viewer, not to print.
I wonder if I can protect each one of the pages, (for example with a  
different password for each page) so that each departmente can only  fill  
or changed is own page / form.
Or alternatively protected by password, or other method, each field of the  
Thank you

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