[scribus] pdf problems

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Feb 27 12:56:50 CET 2009

> then I opened the pdf that scribus had made back into scribus and the
> graphics were missing and some coloured text was the wrong colour.

This is where we most of us lose you. Scribus is not designed to open
PDFs. The only thing Scribus (currently) can do is to import a PDF page as
an image. This import is done using Ghostscript and generates a bitmap
image from the PDF page.

> How can I know that the pdf that I send will print as I want ?

The "reference program" to view a PDF with is Adobe Reader. If Adobe
Reader shows the PDF correct it is most likely correct. Most other
programs have some problems with their PDF reading abilities.

But you should also ask your printer how they handle the PDF, because
there are printers who for example import the PDF into Quark Express
(which is not good at handling PDFs).

I think someone has written an introduction on color management in
Scribus, but I can't find it in the wiki. There is information in the
manual at
but I think I have read some other article about it.

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