[scribus] pdf problems

michael crane mick.crane at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 01:21:28 CET 2009

I don't know if I am asking the wrong questions or in the wrong way or
if my posts are actually getting through.
I can see them in the archive so they get there but they do not turn
up in my gmail account.

anyway I am learning quite a bit.
I should explain that I have spent a lot of time with graphic stuff
but always did the roughs.
I understand about printing in that I have done a lot of animation
that involved travelling matts for optical printing on film
and I guess the principals are the same. I've done offset litho and
silk screen printing and of course lots of direct methods of getting
ink and paint onto various materials. other than that somebody else
did the technical things for printing.

I am uncertain about modern printing practices. I should go look how
the different things are done these days.
Any way I have numerous questions.
I made a flyer for a friend using scribus and my problem is that

the exported pdf looks good in acrobat reader

but just to see how it is, when I open that pdf back in scribus, there
are errors.
for example all the text is there but some coloured text has the first
letter black and
there are 2 graphic frames and they are missing.

in one test I made the images I wanted into one .png with no
transparency in scribus and then exported it to pdf,
opening it in scribus the image became a little black pacman image in
the top left hand corner.

I have a lot of questions about transparency.!!

anyway I have made a png file as well as the pdf so hopefully it gets
printed ok.

I'd like to talk about using scribus as a pasteup tool because as it
looks to me it is much closer to "holding paper" than the other
programs you see but I have this problem that I cannot be sure that
what I see in the pdf in acrobat reader is what is going to appear on
the paper because when I open that pdf in scribus it is wrong.


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