[scribus] Scribus extract data from pdf form

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 26 09:55:19 CET 2009

hi mobify
> Yeah I have been thinking at this stage perhaps the best way is to 
> just create interactive webform instead of interactive pdf form. Worth 
> learning Scribus tho, who knows in the future it is possible?
> Cuz from what I have been reading about Scribus allows exporting data 
> into database or other format? mmm could have read wrongly....

i think that sending a sample pdf wich doesn't work to the list would 
help keeping the discussion on topic :-)

afaik, forms created with scribus should work in acrobat! (but you won't 
be able to save the content in the fields, just print them out!)

have a nice day

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