[scribus] Offset printing

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Feb 24 14:37:05 CET 2009

Dr A Burns wrote:
> I'm very new to Scribus and printing in general. I've read the Scribus manual but have a couple of basic questions.
> I have a document that I want to have printed on an offset printer.  The document contains a number of rbg screen captures.  Some years ago I had a similar document printed that had an overall purple tinge, which I want to avoid.
> 1. Does the "printer" selection for PDF documents simulate the appearance of the offset printed document ?
The Printer choice will change the gamut of the images and convert to 
CMYK. Screen/web creates a PDF in RGB. Depending on your printer, either 
could be acceptable. Ideally, you should be using color management if 
you are using the Printer setting.
> 2. Do I give the PDF generated with the "screen / web" setting to the printer, (rather than the "printer" setting) ?
> 3. For "solid colors" and "images" should I select the check box and select my monitor profile when creating the PDF, or should I leave these check boxes unchecked ?
I'm hoping someone else will answer this last one.


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