[scribus] making 11 by 17 page layout

Alison Saylor alison.saylor at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 08:17:08 CET 2009

Hello All!  I created a newsletter that my printer can't work with.  I
created legal sized pages, 8 1/2 by 11, but want the actual sheets of
paper to be 11 by 17, with two 8 1/2 by 11 pages on each side of each
sheet, to be folded and stapled in the middle so it opens and reads
like a, well, newsletter.  So I need to redo it on 11 by 17.  I can't
figure out how to create an 11 by 17 sized page document.  I can get
close to that by choosing ledger, portrait, but then the pages are not
exactly 11 by 17 because you can't change what's on the right side of
the decimal point.  And there's no margins in the middle to guide.   I
also hope there's a way to import my pages from the first run through
into this one without having to move each individual text and picture
frame and then reposition them.  Thanks in advance for any

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