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Leander Sukov leander.sukov at leander-sukov.de
Fri Feb 20 10:46:33 CET 2009

First of all, make sure, the printer is going to print really in offset 
and not digital.

If he does:
Turn on Colormanagement and - if you do not know the standard profile - 
ask the printing house, which profile he wants to have, IF he wants to 
have one. Nevertheless, turn it on.

When generating the PDF use "printer", either turn off color management 
or on, which is not common (as adviced by the printing house) - that is 
the first checkbox - and do turn on override color management for 
pictures (that is the second checkbox), but do not click on third one 
(as it is very unlikely that your printer wants to have cymk overridden 
by rgb).

Make sure, your pictures are all in 4c and using an usual profile. If 
you are using Linux, you can i.e. use KRITA to change from rgb to cymk 
with just one click.

When using large fields with cymk-colors it makes sense to let your 
printing know the messurements (c = 40 %, k = 100 % etc).


If you are going to print in digital mode:

We have had good results, to use "for monitor/web" when making to PDF 
and leave all pictures and colors in rgb. 


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