[scribus] Difference between scribus and newer versions?

Jan de Weerd de.weerd at hccnet.nl
Wed Feb 18 21:52:08 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

I'm new to this mailing list.
I use scribus now for about 3 years to make the newsletter for a
windsurf club in the Netherlands.
The first 2 issues ( 2005_5 and 2006_1) I did with ms-word but didn't
like that because the page numbering disappeared sometimes.

Up to somewhere the beginning of 2008 everything went fine, but then all
of a sudden the pdf output became darker. I did not know why and made
the photo's lighter. This did not help much because not only the
pictures were darker but the text also was very black! After a while I
found out that this was caused by the format of the images. As advised
in the online user manual I use tif for photos. For tables I ask the
copywriters to deliver them as pdf so I can use these in an image frame
and scale them if necessary.
When I convert the tif and pdf images to jpg, the pdf output is normal.

During this time I used several updates of scribus and opensuse and also
tried the windows version of scribus on windows xp.
All of this did not help me to get rid of the darker pdf output.
At last I found out when the difference happened. That was when I
updated from scribus to and higher ( I tried the older
versions until the pdf output was back to normal ).

My question is: why is the behavior of the newer versions of scribus
different, and is there a way to avoid this in the newer versions? Use
of jpg images is not my favorite option.

I hope someone can advice me.
Thanks in advance.

Jan de Weerd

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