[scribus] Scribus/Ghostscript-issues on Mac

Benedykt 'Silmethule' Jaworski b.jaworski at kofeina.net
Sat Feb 14 20:56:22 CET 2009

enntsonne at gmx.net pisze:
> Hello there! 
> I don't know if there's anybody speaking german out there, so I'll try in 
> english:
>   Aparts from me being new to this list I have a question that shouldn't be 
> new to you;)
>  I downloaded Scribus for Mac the other day, then installed Ghostscript as 
> I was told (as well the other way round), but still Scribus still tells me 
> "Die folgenden Programme fehlen: Ghostscript - Sie können weder 
> EPS-Dateien noch die Druckvorschau verwenden".
>  What do I have to do to make this work?
>  I'm not familiar with using the Terminal unless you tell me exactly what 
> to do, if that's a way out...
>  Any hints?
>  Thank you,
>  Karen

You asked this questions week ago and you've probably solved you
problem, but I don't see any responses, so maybe my answer'll be helpful ;).

First: AFAIK there are some people speaking German around here so you
can try asking questions in this language.

Next: You probably need to tell Scribus where is ghostscript installed.
Go to File (Datei) -> Prefences (Allgemaine Einstellungen...) ->
External Tools (Externe Tools) and there type track to gs/ghostscript
file in "PostScript Interpreter" (Name der ausfuehrbaren Datei) line.

You can probably obtain the track by typing in Terminal `whereis gs` or
`whereis ghostscript`, but I'm not sure if it works on Mac.


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