[scribus] A status update from the Managing Director of FLES Books

Marek Laane bald at smail.ee
Fri Feb 13 22:03:23 CET 2009

Tuesday, 03. February 2009 02:56:11 kirjutas Benjamin Goodger:
>  2009/2/1 "Christoph Schäfer" <christoph-schaefer at gmx.de>
> > 3) FLES Books has a contract with a printer, and the latter failed to
> > live up to the contract several times, mostly due to a Byzantine
> > buraucracy in connection with what appears to be sheer incompetence.
> > First, we/FLES Books have been guaranteed to be able to print in the UK
> > and the USA. Once we delivered the PDFs to the printer, it turned out
> > that due to a minor bureaucratic error on the side of the printer, we
> > could only use the UK plant, which means that shipping costs will
> > skyrocket, thus diminishing the revenues for the Scribus project and FLES
> > Books. Next, after delivering the customer list as requested by the
> > printer, an account manager invented reason after reason as to why the
> > order could not be fulfilled -- again: bureaucracy gone mad and red tape
> > all over the place. At the same time, they didn't accept a retraction of
> > orders from customers who asked for a refund. So we and FLES Books are
> > essentially caught between a rock and a hard place. Moreover, the printer
> > refuses to tell us when the books will finally be shipped. Please believe
> > us that we're as upset as many of you, to say the least. I really don't
> > think that we will allow the next edition to be handled by this printer,
> > especially if one considers that the company received money in advance to
> > set up this job.
> Hello everybody,
> Unfortunately, I can confirm that the above is correct as far as I am
> aware. I would like to clarify the reasons for some of the recent actions
> of FLES Books. We have indeed been supplied with a number of reasons,
> separated by huge delays, as to why the order for the first 165 customers
> has not been fulfilled.
> Thank you very much for your patience. Please don't hesitate to ask
> questions concerning any of this information, by replying to this address
> (please CC williambarry at flesbooks.com).
> --
> Benjamin Goodger
> Managing Director,
> FLES Books Ltd.
> www.flesbooks.com
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Well, it seems really bad - reseller I used to order the book just announced 
that provider (probably not FLES directly but some other reseller) has 
cancelled order... 

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