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Is it possible to remove my email from your subscription?
Thanks > Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 08:25:55 -0500> From: gpittman at iglou.com> To: scribus at lists.scribus.net> Subject: Re: [scribus] quick question> > michael crane wrote:> > hi,> > I haven't used scribus (or anything else) for a few years.> > I will read up but I just want to make a quick page now.> > last time I used it I could resize images but now resizing only> > resizes box not contents.> > Where do I resize image?> > > There's a good chance you've found it yourself by now, but it's in > Properties > Image tab. If you don't already have Properties open, press > F2 (Windows > Properties).> > You can either manually resize the image, or click Scale to Frame Size > to size it to frame size. Once you've done this then the image will > resize itself as you further change the size of the frame.> > Also good to be aware of Adjust Frame to Image, found in the context > menu - right-click the image for this (you must have an image in the > frame to see the option).> > Greg> > _______________________________________________> scribus mailing list> scribus at lists.scribus.net> http://lists.scribus.net/mailman/listinfo/scribus
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