[scribus] Scribus/Ghostscript-issues on Mac

enntsonne at gmx.net enntsonne at gmx.net
Sat Feb 7 20:14:54 CET 2009

Hello there! 
I don't know if there's anybody speaking german out there, so I'll try in 
  Aparts from me being new to this list I have a question that shouldn't be 
new to you;)
 I downloaded Scribus for Mac the other day, then installed Ghostscript as 
I was told (as well the other way round), but still Scribus still tells me 
"Die folgenden Programme fehlen: Ghostscript - Sie können weder 
EPS-Dateien noch die Druckvorschau verwenden".
 What do I have to do to make this work?
 I'm not familiar with using the Terminal unless you tell me exactly what 
to do, if that's a way out...
 Any hints?
 Thank you,
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