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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Tue Feb 3 23:36:16 CET 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009 05:59:35 am AnnaMaria Hedin wrote:
> Having realized that a manuscript I am prepraring for a printing
> house need bleeds,
> I looked and found the helpful instructions at
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Bleed%2C_create_markers_and_expor
>t_a_document_to_pdf but I still do not understand at all how to
> apply these instructions
> 0) Make a document with min. 20 pt scratch space above and on the
> right of the page - what is that?
> and 40 pt vertical distance between the pages.
> - how?
> 1) Make a (black) registration color (C=100, M=100, Y=100, K=100)
> with the name "regcol". The script will ask for this color. - where
> shall I put these numbers?
> 2) Save your document - all right, no problem :-)
> 3) Start the script
> - what is that, how shall I do?
> 4) Enter your OS-type - is that of my computer's?
> and scribus Version - should that be ???
> , the unit and size of the bleed, - what to choose????
> the color-names for the marks and text.  - ????
>   The bleed will be automatically reduced if it's larger then the
> half vertical distance between the pages. - Do I need that
> information?
> 5) Choose a directory where the tempory files and the output is
> stored. - My English fails me, does that mean the  "place" where I
> save the document?
> 6) Choose whether you like to have marks and/or text.
> - what difference does that make if I choose any of it?
> Recommendations?
> The script will result in one pdf for each page and three
> scribus-files (rightPage.sla right pages and leftPage.sla left
> pages).
> - Is that helpful for the printing office?
> Many many thanks in advance if anyone can help!
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If you are naot a native English speaker then what language are you 
most comfortable with?  There may be a person on list who can help 
you understand the script better than I can.

However, you don't need to use a script. You can set up your page with 
bleeds just by making it a bit bigger.  Think of your page as a 
rectangle nested in a slightly larger rectangle.  You can set it up 
with bleed at the beginning. Or you can adjust the margins of your 
existing page
by using page>page properties.  

In 1.3.5 there is a separate setting for bleeds. But for they 
are easy to create without any special script.

 Let us assume a page size of 6 x 9 inches and the bleed requirement 
is .125 inch on all sides.  When you set up the document you just 
make each dimension larger by .25 inch, or 6.25 x 9.25.  Then you set 
all four margins to be .380 in. This provides for .125 of bleed plus 
about .25 inch for safety.  Some of your objects will run right into 
the bleed area, such as a background color. Other objects, like text, 
will stop short of the margin and thus be held back from the page 

If you prefer to work in points instead of inches the same methods 
apply.  Just multiply the above numbers by 72. 

If by chance you are doing a cover I have written a template program 
that provides the necessary dimensions and vertical guide positions:

You will however need to find out the Pages Per Inch (PPI) number from 
your printer first. 

The same template.html program can be used for a two page spread.  You 
put 0 in the Page Count field and a suitable distance for the gutter 
dimension  in the Cover Thickness field.  The gutter is the space 
bettween the two text areas. The PPI doesn't matter. 

John Culleton
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