[scribus] A status update from the Managing Director of FLES Books

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Feb 3 13:23:14 CET 2009


> Unfortunately, I can confirm that the above is correct as far as I am aware.
> I would like to clarify the reasons for some of the recent actions of FLES
> Books. We have indeed been supplied with a number of reasons, separated by
> huge delays, as to why the order for the first 165 customers has not been
> fulfilled.
> Orders made on or after the 22nd of January have not yet been submitted, and
> so we are able to cancel orders ahead of the next submission to Lightning
> Source. We will therefore be happy to issue full refunds to customers who
> placed such orders, in the event that they wish to cancel their order until
> such time as orders are being quickly and reliably processed by Lightning
> Source. Customers who ordered on or after the 22nd should send an email to
> refunds.scribusmanual at flesbooks.com if they wish to receive a refund.

as far i know, most if not all of the order sent before the 22.01.08 
(well, the *pre*-orders) were made by people, who wanted to support 
scribus by buying the book.

personally, i would be interested in having the book and i really really 
really would like to be able to show it at the next openexpo (and maybe 
to sell some copies of it).

but i also whish that most of the money go to the people, who worked 
hard for scribus and for the book and that the administrative overhead 
is kept to a minimum.
i hope that as little effort (and money) as possible is spent on the 
printer issue: imho, it doesn't really matter if we have the book in 1 
week, 2 weeks or in one month...

give us from times to times an update on the situation, go on pinging 
Lightning Source and let's hope that we will see the book one day!

my two cents...

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