[scribus] scribus Digest, Vol 21, Issue 38

Henrik Larsen henrikslarsen at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 29 20:08:22 CET 2009

Thanks all, the auto-textframes were really a BIG deal for me, good to know. Are there any tricks that allow other things to automatically be inserted into every new page? Master Page background is there, of course, but I can't adjust a textframe etc. in the background like that. Any neat tricks?

Alan wrote:

"I don't know if Scribus has any sort of automatic Table of Contents feature.  
When I've created enough text to require one, both text and ToC are created in 
OOo and then imported into Scribus, where I then add Scribus-specific layout 
adjustments.  Any changes to the ToC are then updated manually.
If there's a way to automate this, I'd love to know about it too."How do you import something as actively involved as a ToC from Writer? I mean, it won't know where the things to include are in Scribus... will it??
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