[scribus] icc printer profiles on windows

Sam the Cat sam_spam_cat at verizon.net
Tue Dec 29 12:49:05 CET 2009

It helps a bit.  Let me ask the underlying question.  When I print pictures 
from Photoshop I tell the printer to "not manage colors" and I let photoshop 
adjust the colors appropriately and all works well.  Can I do the same in 
Scribus ?  I'd like color accurate renderings of my pictures which are now 
part of scribus documents.

Scribus seems to allow me to edit and render to the screen in a number of 
icc profiles (e.g. sRGB, ProPhoto ) but I am having trouble translating that 
to print.

As a backup I guess I could do everything in sRGB and then let the printer 
manage the colors hoping that it all works.  Thoughts ?


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> Am Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009 03:11:09 schrieb Sam the Cat:
>> Hello,
>>    New user here.
>>     I am trying to understand and get color management to work in scribus
>> running under win7.  I am stuck on the printer profiles.  I have all my
>> profiles in the correct directory (windows wise) but under the documents
>> preferences the printer profiles show a very limited set.
> I guess you don't see profiles for inkjet printers. These can't be used by
> Scribus yet and consequently aren't listed.
>> Tracing through
>> the documents it appears I may need to set the path in the program
>> preferences to the right directory.  When I attempt to do that I see the
>> the icc profiles directory box is grayed out.
> You have to close all documents before you can set an additional path for
> profiles.
> Christoph
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