[scribus] bringing in files from ms publisher

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Tue Dec 29 04:17:22 CET 2009

On Mon, 28 Dec 2009 18:36:18 -0800 (PST)
Jen Aicher <lpoolfish at yahoo.com> dijo:

>I know this is my first day, and possibly offensive enough of a
>question to have me panned, but is there a way to bring over a many
>multi-page document from ms publisher?  I am not very techy, and
>totally self-taught with all of it.  I have tried saving it a number
>of ways, and haven't been able to import any of them, just wondering
>where I am going astray

Scribus doesn't really have a way to import files from other layout
apps. In fact, few layout apps do. The best at it is InDesign, and it
can import only PageMaker and old QuarkXPress files. And when it
imports them it generally does a bad job of it. Writing an import
filter for files from another layout app is not trivial, especially
when the other app's format is closed and proprietary.

But having said that, Scribus can import various kinds of text files
and image files, the same as any other layout app. The best solution is
to just recreate the file in Scribus. 

I have had to do this on occasion, and it is not as much work as it
sounds. I start by making a paper printout of the original file (if I
can) so that I have a reference to what it is supposed to look like.
Then I export the text and graphics from the other document (or obtain
the source files for the text and images). When I have all the pieces
assembled I just import all of them into a new Scribus document.

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