[scribus] Flush Right - WordPerfect Style

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Dec 18 10:36:24 CET 2009

> While it appears that this accomplishes the same thing, it is not the
> same. Suppose you have set this up (as a style if you wish) for our
> hypothetical 400-point wide frame. But then you decide you want your
> frame 420 points wide. After changing the width of the frame your
> right-aligned text will still be at 400 points, 20 points inset from
> the right edge of your frame. Now you have to go into the tab settings
> and reformat the position of your tab. The WordPerfect feature does not

So, it's kind of a "special TAB".

Wouldn't a more flexible solution be to be able to set a TABs distance
from the RIGHT margin and not the left?
For example by using negative values?

So, a TAB at "5 cm" is 5 cm from the left margin, and a TAB at "-5 cm"
is 5 cm from the right margin?

In this case you could then set the right-aligned TAB at "-0".


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