[scribus] Flush Right - WordPerfect Style

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Dec 18 10:03:08 CET 2009

hi john jason,

> No, the feature Jonathan is looking for is different. In WordPerfect
> you can type at the left edge of the frame, then enter a "flush right"
> command and the rest of the text on the line will be right justified at
> the right edge of the frame. 
> In Scribus (and everything else I have ever used) you accomplish this
> by setting a right-aligned tab at the position of the right edge of the
> frame. E.g., if your frame is, say, 400 points wide, then your right tab
> will be at 400 points. When you type text it starts at the left edge of
> the frame, but when you enter a tab the remaining text is right aligned
> at the right edge of the frame (400 points).

setting a right tab in the paragraph style will do exactly what you are 
describing (with one step more: correcting the right tab in the style).

the magic feature from wordperfect may be interesting for right aligning 
the last line on frames with different width or with frames which don't 
have a reectangular form (think: flowing around a picture).

still, i wonder how much it is relevant for real life tasks:
- if you have to set the width of all the frames, setting a tab is not 
really a huge task...
- it will be hard to make people aware of the fact that the feature 
exists, so nobody would use it in real life.

i guess, it would be not very difficult to add a setting in the 
paragraph styles to have a the text left aligned / justified but a tab 
on the last line flushes to the right instead of going to the next tab stop.

but is it worth the hassle?


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