[scribus] receiving same error message "can not write the file" for exporting pdf like judy

get_it_faster30 get_it_faster300 at yahoo.de
Thu Dec 17 15:46:58 CET 2009

Hi there,

i'm using scribus version with Windows xp. After some months of  not using it I cannot export pdfs anymore. 
I have enough space left and I don't try to write into a write protected directory.

I once had a little message somewhere (sorry, I can't recreate it), that I could only print pdfs if I did certain things in the PDF/X-3-"directory" (can't remember what it was called - would have been German anyway). Problem is, that I have no access to that part of my "Pdf-Saving-Menue". I can't remember if that is new or has always been like that. When I click the "save"-button in the pdf-menue I get the message "file .... cannot be written". I tried with different sla-files and different paths.

I can't find a solution to Judys question in the mailing list, but I still hope anyone can help with this problem.

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