[scribus] Large SVG File Crashing Scribus

Chris Tregenza junk-scribus at tregenza.com
Wed Dec 16 11:17:13 CET 2009

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and sorry for not including my 
system details.

I'm running the latest stable release ( on a Mac, OSX 10.5.8 
with 2x 2.8ghz xeon with 4gb of RAM.

The SVG file was created in Inkscape on this machine and it performs 
well (though not stunningly fast).


I want to avoid using a bitmap image. There is a certain loss of quality 
between bitmap & vector plus colour management becomes far more of an 
issue. This is important as I'm trying to create a PDF for printing not 

Thanks for the tip about bugs.scribus.net. I lodge an report and upload 
a private copy of the file.


I like your suggestion. Having SVGs in a frame does seem more logical 
than the current method of handling them. Having the option to include a 
snapshot image and only displaying the actual SVG on request also makes 


I tried the PDF / EPS export from Inkscape but the results were less 
than ideal.

Inkscape is a great package but its PDF / EPS export is not as good as 
Scribus and there are obvious differences between the original SVG and 
Inkscape's PDF / EPS. I had hoped that by using Inkscape, Scribus and 
the SVG format I could get best out of both applications.

Thank you one and all.


Chris Tregenza wrote:
> I'm using Scibus to put together an A2 poster consisting of a map of the 
> world and accompanying info.
> The graphics are in SVG form (created by Inkscape) and Scribus is being 
> used to add the text and produce the print ready PDF.
> However, the SVG file is very large (> 2MB) and complicated (it is a 
> detailed map).
> This causes Scribus to perform extremely slowly and it normally crashes 
> within a couple of minutes of the SVG being imported. Scribus is 
> effectively unusable.
> I've tried removing as much from the file as possible including 
> simplifying the paths. However any further removal will impact on the 
> map accuracy.
> I'm trying to avoid using PNG or other bitmap images as this impacts on 
> print quality.
> I have tried encapsulating the map as an PDF or PDS exports from 
> Inkscape. This works however Inkscape's exports are not as good as 
> Scribus and colour management and the PDF ultimately created by Scribus 
> seems lower quality.
> I want to use Scribus to create the PDF to take full advantage of its 
> press-ready features but I've run into a brick wall.
> Can anyone offer any useful advice to work around for this situation 
> that allows me to create a top quality, press ready PDF?
> Chris
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