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On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 18:31, Jeffrey Silverman <
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> Ding ding ding! BS alert! Linophile FUD alert! Ding ding ding!
> (Full disclosure: I am a Linophile myself. But still, this paragraph
> smells FUDdy/snarky to me. And Win7 is, by all estimates and reviews,
> great, or at least very good. Is KDE 4? Even the latest?)
No FUD was intended in my remarks. I was responding to a parallel that was
made between KDE and Vista (which itself perhaps could be mistaken for FUD).
My intention was simply to show the differences between KDE4 and Vista -
though critics call its introduction overly "revolutionary", its development
is evolutionary. Closed source development is different in nature to open
source development. We can have the same degree of change that exists
between Vista and Windows 7, but it won't be in one leap, but rather in
little steps over time.

I never denied that Windows 7 was great (or at least very good). Indeed, I
said nothing about whether Windows 7 was good or bad. The only disadvantage
I mentioned (as an unfortunate aside) was that you have to pay for the
upgrade from Vista to Windows 7.

Whether the latest KDE is good or great, I'll leave to others to decide for
themselves. But KDE 4.3.4 is undoubtedly better than 4.2.x and I certainly
expect KDE4 to improve further, and not only in bug fixes and security
fixes, but also in features, configurability and speed.

> <snip!>> The difference between KDE4 and Vista is that KDE4 is a work
> in progress,
> > and after every update it works faster and better, and you get a clearer
> > picture of what the developers are hoping to achieve. Vista is a final
> > product - or at best a step towards Windows 7 (but you have to pay for
> the
> > update!)
> <snip!>
> In the interest of not extending an OT thread too much longer, this is
> my last post to this thread. Thank you, good night, g'bless, cheese,
> and potatoes.
I am sorry that you have picked apart my message (perhaps due to the
above-mentioned unfortunate aside) that was actually trying to be helpful.
Really, I do use Scribus with Slackware and KDE 4, and really, I *was*
amazed at the mainly speed differences between the KDE included in Slackware
13 and Slackware-current.

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