[scribus] Colour Management and Workflow

Chris Tregenza junk-scribus at tregenza.com
Tue Dec 1 19:31:37 CET 2009


I'm struggling to get to grips with the concepts and practicalities of 
colour management and would appreciate some advice.

My aim is to produce a poster as a PDF suitable for my local printer to use.

The poster consists of a large image created in Inkscape and exported as 
a PNG. (I've tried using SVG but it is a very large and detailed image 
and Scribus tends to crash / grind to a halt when I import it. Using a 
PNG works just fine).

I then add text to the poster in Scribus and generate a PDF.

In general everything works fine but I'm trying to understand the colour 
management settings so that my final output matches what I'm seeing on 
the screen. So I have a few questions:

1) What information do I need to know from my printer about the hardware 
or colour profiles he is using?

2) I'm guessing that the PNG created by Inkscape is in RGB colour 
format. Is it a problem? And if so, what can I do to fix it?

3) When I switch on "Mark Colors out of Gamut" in Scribus several 
colours I'm using are flagged up. Other than trial and error, how can I 
find out which colours are in range and closest to my current colours?

Many thanks.


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