[scribus] Irregular exporting to pdf (position)

plcinquantini at katamail.com plcinquantini at katamail.com
Tue Dec 1 13:21:43 CET 2009

I need an urgent help.
I'm closing my little magazine and at the moment to export it to pdf, the pages of the document result located on the left, instead in the center. The only page well exported is the first I began. I use a page like a model, and afterwards I import the same page one by one, putting in the text. Wherever I import the new page (before or after the first page) it results located in the same way. I tried with 1.3 pdf, but no change. If I export the single page (used like model) it's right exported, but with the other ones it results badly exported.
That already happened with the past version of Scribus.
You can see the images of two  pages on:
The first one exported alone (it' a single sla file), the second one exported with the other pages of the magazine.


Pier Luigi
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