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Tornóci László torlasz at net.sote.hu
Sun Aug 30 08:45:49 CEST 2009

On 08/29/2009 10:39 PM, michael crane wrote:
> I've got centos the yum repositories just have 1.3.3 ( is that right)
> last time I looked.
> It's not the best distribution for the newest stuff.
> I got into dependency hell trying to install inform7gui thingy
> I'm just downloading fc12 ha hahahahah
> regards
> mick

No wonder, CentOS is meant for servers, not for a desktop. Stability is 
far more important than carrying the latest versions. This is from their 
website (www.centos.org):

"CentOS is not your everyday Linux. It's a server distribution, meant to 
be used in production environment where users do not care about what 
applications they have installed. It's a distro that you will most 
likely run without any GUI, reboot once every other year or so, if that, 
and upgrade only when you really must, since the inclusion of even 
simplest binaries could be dreadfully risky for your setup."

There is nothing wrong with CentOS, it is simply not the right 
distribution for using Scribus.

					Yours: Laszlo
> 2009/8/29 Steven Dayton<daytonmeister at gmail.com>:
>>>> Christoph Schäfer wrote:
>>>> Hence the recommendations of the team: Debian, Fedora or OpenSUSE. Other
>>>> options are Mandriva or PC Linux OS (both very user-friendly).
>> Is the recommendation in that order? Maybe not but I thought I would ask. I know everyone has their favorite. I have tried for the past week to down either the Live version of OpenSUSE or the DVD version and have not been able to. I did finally get the Live version of onto a disc but when I tried to boot up from said disc it got about half way through then threw up a screen that was filled with a pattern of some sort and hung up on me. The DVD version on my computer here at home wants to take almost a whole day. And now my Ubuntu machine is acting up. :-(
>> How does Scribus on some of these other systems work compared to Ubuntu?
>> StevenD
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