[scribus] The problems with Copy of-styles

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Aug 28 12:43:56 CEST 2009

I have tried to search, but from what I can see the problem with a lot
of Copy of-styles in 1.3.5 is not yet fixed?

Does anybody have hint on how to avoid them? It seems they don't show
upp immediately when importing or pasting content, but instead shows
the next time you open the document?

It seems as if when you import a page, the text on that page has the
Copy of styles, but they are not in the style editor. Trying to open
the story editor to change the styles of the text scribus crashes. But
if I save the document and then open it, the style editor have those
Copy of styles and I can delete them or apply other styles to the

I also have two Default paragraph style in the style editor, but when
applying styles (in story editor or properties dialog) I can see that
one of them is a Copy of... But I can't delete one of them...

I think this is the most frustrating bug when working with 1.3.5.
Another one, a bit less frustrating, is that sometimes I can't select
items. Changing to another layer and back I can select them again.

(Character styles and the support for true bleed, with trim box set
correctly, is the major reason I want to use 1.3.5.)


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