[scribus] Moving to Linux

StevenD daytonmeister at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 05:49:32 CEST 2009

mrdocs wrote:
> This thread exposes one of the glaring weaknesses of Ubuntu, as it is 
> Gnome
> based:
> *Font management - non existent for managing fonts sanely. We have long moved 
> past the day in linux when it is needed to drop to the command line to mess 
> with fonts. If you do need to that's a bug IMO.
> * Some mediocre quality fonts installed by default.
> There is a _far_ more elegant solution to all of this:
> Install KDE 3.5 or 4.2+ - it is really that simple.
> KDE for a long time has had the easiest and most user friendly font manager on 
> the planet on any platform, Windows, OSX etc..  It is drag and drop simple, 
> gives you a simple but usable preview of your installed fonts and even can 
> generate .fontmap files that Ghostscript can use to make them available 
> automatically.
> But not Ubuntu's version. 
> If you are new to Linux and want to try KDE I can confidently recommend using 
> openSUSE, Mandriva or Fedora's KDE packages. I personally think openSUSE's 
> version of KDE is better than anyone else's: They employ several core KDE 
> developers full time just to work on KDE and accordingly have the deepest 
> knowledge about KDE and QT, as well as devote more resources and QA testing to 
> KDE/QT than anyone else. 
> It is telling that none of the Scribus Team members with the exception of 
> testing bugs, have ever run Ubuntu by choice. 
> openSUSE and Debian proper have been and are the distros of choice.
> Peter
Sorry but this is getting a little confusing. It seems there are 
different forms of Linux. Are you suggesting that I use something other 
than Ubuntu or is the KDE in addition to Ubuntu. Please explain. This is 
very interesting. I will go online and look up openSUSE and KDE and 
Debian but in the mean time explain what some of this stuff is please.

Thanks for the help so far folks.


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