[scribus] Moving to Linux

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Thu Aug 20 22:11:16 CEST 2009

Steven Dayton wrote:
>> I installed the texlive-base-bin and ran the getnonfreefonts -a  command,
>> it
>> looked like it was working, but I didnt get the new fonts in the list of
>> fonts in Scribus. Then I found them in a catalog and drag them into
>> Fontmatrix, and now they appeared. Dont know if this was the best way to do
>> it, but now it works.
> I'm glad to know someone has some success with Fontmatix. I haven't been
> able to get it to work. I tried to get the latest version and thought I had
> it (after about 1/2 hour of what I think the thing was compiling) but I
> don't see it anywhere on my system.
> StevenD
You may need to add it via the "edit menus" button that shows you your 
applications (called, I think, the 'Main Menu'), etc... left click, 
select 'Edit Menus,' then select  a menu area you wish to access it from 
the 'Main Menu,' select 'New Item,' the properties window should 
appear... type in a program name (here, you could put FontMatrix, or 
something like this, type in 'fontmatrix' in the command line... You 
could, for simplicity sake here, just use the default icon... but it is 
possible to find an included icon... then click on 'OK' That should be 
it. Hope this is clear enough.

P.s., you could first test that command line by typing in your terminal, 
'fontmatrix' exactly like this, it should show up. & of course, you 
could use this as your preferred method of opening this (or other 
programs) if you wished.

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