[scribus] eps - scribus - eps compression?

W. F. Zimmerman wfz at nimblebooks.com
Thu Aug 20 22:03:48 CEST 2009

here is the sequence of events that's bothering me.

   - receive template from Lightning source in EPS or PDF
   - open in Scribus
   - copy & paste bar code from bottom layer to top
   - save as EPS
   - Distiller => PDF/x/1/a

Apparently, at some point, compression is occurring.  LSI says:

However, it appears that the entire PDF was compressed at some point before
creating the final PDF. If you zoom in on the barcode and the text, there is
a "scarring" effect around them which is usually caused from compressing a
file or from enlarging a low-resolution file. Please double check the
original file before the final PDF was created.

Can someone tell me how to avoid this?

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