[scribus] Bleed area not extended

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Good suggestion. I did save it as PDF and it is ok. I thought I had to bring
it through Distiller in order to send it to LSI. I will look into Distiller
to see if I have something set wrong. If you have any suggestions of what to
look for I really would appreciate it.

Thanks for your suggestion

THOU Management

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On Thursday 13 August 2009 09:20:33 pm THOU Mangement wrote:
> I created the book cover in Scribus and extended my colors to
> cover the bleed section. Everything looks good I process the
> cover in Acrobat Distiller it comes up in PDF. But when I look at
> it the bleed section does not come over to the PDF. The
> dimensions are correct but the color has not extended to the
> bleed section. Is there something I need to set in Scribus,
> Distiller or PDF that I am missing?
> Thanks for you help
> Vera
> .and do have a nice day!!!

When you view the pdf as created by Scribus and before manipulaton 
in Distiller, is the bleed OK?

If so, something is set wrong in Distiller.  Perhaps you could skip 
the Distiller step altogether. 

John Culleton
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