[scribus] Trying to get 1.3.5 to put on Ubuntu machine

StevenD daytonmeister at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 21:08:45 CEST 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> It is not officially recommended to use 1.3.5 for important work. But I
> decided to take the risk and used it for my latest project, I'm also on
> Jaunty. I have had the a couple of hangs due to bugs, but I save often,
> plus I do a frequent Save As so I will always have a known good
> version. I have never lost any work. (Knocking on wood, throwing salt
> over shoulder.) 
> As for fonts, there is a page here that will explain how to install
> fonts on Linux:
> http://ipa4linguists.pbworks.com/How+to+install+fonts
> I just reread the above page and realized I wrote it over a year ago.
> It could stand a bit of updating, plus there is a typo. :( But
> everything in it is still essentially correct.
> As for how and where to get fonts, there are a gazillion of free fonts
> on the net. You could spend a month just trying them all out. However,
> I recommend that you start by looking in System > Administration >
> Synaptic Package Manager. Many free fonts are available in packages so
> you don't even have to trouble yourself with installation. 
> If you are new to DTP I would also suggest reading up on the different
> classes of fonts (text, display, and so on). For example, it is
> generally acceptable to use a sans-serif font for headlines, but not
> for body text. Learning all the rules for proper font usage will make
> your work look more professional. Scribus is all about design freedom,
> but that means you have to know what you're doing.
I'm not doing any real work as of yet but just trying Scribus out and 
running it through the paces to see what it can do. I have worked on a 
couple of one page fliers just for fun so if anything crashes or any 
mishaps occur then it is no big loss.

Thanks for the link to the article. I may have some questions as I 
getting going through it.

I'm still new in learning how to work the Synaptic Package Manager I 
went poking around at your suggestion. There is a lot to wade through there.

I came across a font manager called fontmatrix. I have worked with stuff 
like Suitcase and Adobe ATM in my graphics work on a Mac at work and I 
had a font manager made by Bitstream on my old Windows 95 machine some 
years back which has not been supported for quite some years now. Have 
you or anyone else uses this?


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