[scribus] Disappearing Images

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Wed Aug 12 17:53:18 CEST 2009

> I think that absolute paths would be an improvement, and it seems like
> it could at the least be an option in Preferences. I suspect it's mainly
> a developer time issue and priorities.

I think it should be selectable for each image.

I imagine that in many cases a publication has some images that are
never changed (lika company logo etc) and are best stored on a network
share (where absolute paths would be good). Then you have the pictures
for just this issue, those are most likely stored together with the
SLA (so relative paths are the best).

Of course preferences can allow you to set the default to use.

Or maybe Scribus can decide itself?
If the path means going above the directory where the SLA is, it
should be absolute. If the path is just below the SLA, relative works.

So, if I'm working on a file in /home/peter/docs/Magazine/Issue_1 a
file in /home/peter/docs/Magazine/Issue_1/images/ would get a relative
path. But a file in /home/common/logos/ would get an absolute path.

Sure, there are maybe times when the logic doesn't work, but then the
user can have the option of changing it.


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