[scribus] applying text filters when importing text with a script

Chantal Rosmuller chantal at antenna.nl
Wed Aug 12 07:43:53 CEST 2009

> > """
> > with python's string (or regexp) libraries you can find where the
> > ===== in the frame are; then you use scribus.selectText() to
> > select the text...
> >
> > (if the formatting you want to apply is more complicated, you may
> > have to build a simple parser instead of just searching for
> > strings...) """
> >
> > it won't be easy, but it may be doable :-)
> >
> >
> > have a nice day!
> > a.l.e
> How about creating the document in Open Office, applying styles
> there, and importing it?

Hi, it's me again. I am kind of getting stuck. Maybe someone here can help me 
(again)? I tried counting the characters and then using selecttext but I get 
an index out of range error. I tried stripping whitespace and the counting but 
then the wrong part of the text was selected. I attached the script, sample 
text and style template. You will have to change the path to the textfile and 
template file in the script, unless your username is chantal too :).
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