[scribus] Scribus Limits, Present and Future

John Morris johnjeff at editide.us
Sat Aug 8 22:10:19 CEST 2009

Peter Nermander wrote:
>One thing that has to be kept in mind is the Scribus is a tool under
>development, it is unfair to compare it to programs that have been
>available for many years. Programs like InDesign would probably not
>even have been released as closed beta when they were as "young" as
>Scribus. That is part of the Open Source "culture", you can try the
>program out already from the beginning of the development cycle. Some
>Open Source programs never leave their "childhood" because the
>developers never find time to finish. So we should be happy as long as
>Scribus developes.

   Thank you, Peter, for your insights. I certainly agree that it 
would be unfair to compare a product in its infancy to a mature 
product. Unfortunately, I have to do just that. I don't have the 
luxury of waiting until Scribus is more mature to complete the 
projects that need to be completed this year. That is why I asked 
both about Scribus' present limitations and the plans for its future. 
Knowing where Scribus is headed will help me make decisions for the 
present that will impact my future.
   I certainly appreciate the work done to bring Scribus to its 
current state and I'm glad that it was released when it was. Scribus 
is clearly a very capable program and I expect to use it wherever I 
can. I certainly do plenty of projects that don't involve chains of 
text boxes more than ten pages long. I do hope that those limits will 
be raised so I can gradually use Scribus for more and more of my 


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