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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sun Aug 2 23:13:47 CEST 2009

Jeffrey Silverman wrote:

> Well, the first thing I do on any Debian derivative is to install things
> that let me watch porn.

:)  Heaven help us all if you ever install Red Hat !

> I think my argument is coming from the "recommendations for new Linux users"
> direction. Recommending Slackware or Debian to new Linux users is typically
> a bad idea, if you are interested in promoting the uptake of Linux distros.
> However, NUMMV ("new users mileage yadda yadda") and all new users are
> different. But understand that that is the vantage point from where my
> discussion stems. "What distro do you recommend to a new Linux user, one who
> was previously using Mac OS for the last 10 years?" "Slackeware? Debian?" NO
> and NO. Typically.
> Anyway, I'm not stupid either, and have been using computers since 1978. I'm
> really not casting aspersions on your brain or your skillset, just on the
> POV of your argument.
> And finally, the easy, easy way to get a root prompt in Ubuntu is:
>> sudo su -
> This is even easier than "su" because you don't even have to know a
> different password, you just use your own.

OK -  neat.  I always did a sudo to set the root password, then I could 
log in, once I'd figured out that setting a root password was all that 
was required.

It all struck me as sadly reminiscent of XP being a PITA about 
administrative logins though.

Cheers, J/.
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