[scribus] Newbie Mac User

John Morris johnjeff at editide.us
Sat Aug 1 22:12:19 CEST 2009

Thanks Peter and Jeffrey for this valuable information. As I said 
before, I'm not the typical user. Peter's comments and Jeffrey's 
confirmation would make me lean away from Ubuntu precisely because 
I'm not interested in installing yet another operating system from 
the toaster model. I don't want an operating system that has been 
crippled so it won't scare people away. I want the power to quickly 
and easily set my computer up the way I want it to be set up. I also 
want an operating system that does not require the latest and 
greatest in hardware just to run one application. Apple has done a 
fine job of making UNIX so simple that even an idiot can use it. 
However, I'm not an idiot and Apple is losing me and my kind as a 
result of their efforts to gain market share.


>All that is true, but telling a new user interested in switching to Debian
>(rather than to Ubuntu) is like telling, to use the car anaolgy again,
>someone learning how to drive a car to start on a manual transmission vs an
>automatic. Hm, a less than perfect analogy, to be sure.
>My point is really that I recommend Ubuntu to new users *precisely because
>of* things like the fact that you can't edit the text in the 3dtext
>screensaver. Starting with a harder-to-use distro is a mistake, imo.
>Ubuntu does make some decisions for the user but in my experience they are
>pretty good ones, and, unliek Apple, those decisions can usually be
>overridden pretty easily.
>On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Peter Nermander <peter at nermander.se> wrote:
>>  > The best thing about Ubuntu, IMO, is the massive ecosystem of 
>>free apps, of
>>  > which Scribus is just one. Maybe step (0) is: migrate to all free apps on
>>  It should be noted that about 99% of the applications in Ubuntu comes
>>  from Debian. Sometimes they are crippled (because Ubuntu wants things
>>  to be easy). Look for example at the screen saver "3D text". In Ubuntu
>>  is it not possible to change the text.
>>  Ubuntu is, like a lot of Linux distros, based on Debian. Why? Simply
>>  because Debian is "the" Gnu Linux. Of all the major Linux distros,
>>  Debian is the only one which is fully "free" (as in freedom). That's
>  > why everbody use it as a base.

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