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Without hearing the specific complaint, it may be hard to diagnose your problem, but more than likely it is a problem of resolution.

Most printers will want images that are a resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi, some refer to it as pixels per inch, ppi). Let's say that you are doing a magazine layout, which has a photo of the subject. The photo will take up 4 inches horizontally and 6 inches vertically. Multiplying each dimension by 300, you would need an image with a resolution of 1200x1800. That way, each inch of the picture in your layout will be composed of 300 dots or pixels.

If you scale (change the size of ) the image, the dpi changes proportionally. If you wanted the image to take up 6 inches horizontally and 9 inch vertically, the dpi would be lower, assuming you used the same source image.

You can check the dpi easily in Scribus: after placing an image in the image frame, right-click the fram and select Properties (or you can just select the frame and hit F2 on your keyboard). Click Image. Look for Actual dpi X and Actual dpi Y (x and y are horizontal and vertical respectively). For best results, kepp these values above 300.

In that same dialog, you will see two fields for original dpi again with x and y. This is because images can be created with a specific dpi value which is read by layout software like Scribus.  So in Inkscape (an open source vector-graphics application) when I export an image that will be used for print, I specify a value of 300 dpi. Let's say I create a full page image (8.5x11 inches) in inkscape. When exporting the image, I specify 300 dpi, which gives me an image of 2500x3300 (8.5x300; 11x300). The advantage of specifying the dpi is that when the image is imported into layout software, they read the dpi value and would render the image back at its original size-8.5x11.

You can find out more about resolution at http://www.scantips.com/

Oswald Smith

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hi all,

my printer always complains about the quality of my pictures/photos.

any hints, what i can do???

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