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Pittman" <gregp_ky at yahoo.com> wrote on Saturday April 25:

Strome wrote:
I encountered a peculiar problem in a document I just created.
I had a three page PDF document, which was a form (which I would
normally print and fill in manually). To clarify, this was not a PDF
Form, just a printable document meant to be printed, then fill in the
blanks by hand or with an old fashioned typewriter.
I created three separate PDF documents, one for each page (there are
lots of ways to do this, but the simplest for me was to use pdftk in
LINUX).  I then converted each page to a PostScript document (using
pdftops). I then created a new 3 page document using Scribus.
Next, I imported the three .ps files onto the three blank Scribus
pages and resized them to fit nicely on each page.
Then, I filled in the blanks by creating Text Boxes for the blanks
that needed to be filled in, and typed the required information.
I saved the document, then exported it to PDF. 

The first two pages came out correctly, but the third seemed to have
all the information I had entered into the second page instead of
what I had put into the third page.  I went back to Scribus, but the
document looked fine there.
I tried several times, with the same result.
What happened? Is this a bug, or what?
I deleted the third page, saved the document with a different name,
then started a new one with only page 3.  I then filled this in again
by first importing the third .ps document, then filling in as before
and saved it with a third file name.  I exported that as PDF, and it
turned out fine.
I could have combined the second (2 pages) and third (1 page)
documents into a single one if I had wanted to do so by using pdftk
but since I only wanted to print the results, I didn't bother.
Any ideas? Did I do something wrong?

FYI: you can export from Scribus to single-page PDFs from a multiple
document. Check box at the top of the export dialog.
 ------------   Yes, I knew that I could do that, and have done it at times.  The forms I started with were PDF forms I got from someone else -- I did not create them.

Did you make your second document by making copies of anything?

-------------- To clarify:  the first document I created had three pages (with the three original PDF documents converted to PS on the three pages). This is the one which would create a three page PDF document with the first two pages being OK, but the third page had all the stuff I had added in the wrong places in the PDF document, though it looked OK in the Scribus document.  The second document was the same as the first, but with the last (faulty page) deleted.  The third document was created by starting all over with only the page 3 PS document imported and all the blanks filled out again.  I did copy the fields from the first Scribus document's third page to this one. This one worked OK
I have seen some glitchiness in the past when copies
made, get impossibly complicated frame names that Scribus struggles
interpret, and maybe gets confused. This is better with later svn
so using the new stable is definitely a good idea.
might check frame names and rename them if they're complex.

Finally, I'm puzzled by this complex method of making PS, then
since you started out with Scribus in the first place...

-----------------No, I did NOT start with Scribus in the first place. As I said, the original PDF three page form came from someone else, and I am sure that it was NOT created with Scribus or any other Open Source software.  I got it from a dentist who wanted it filled out with my information. Actually, he and his office staff were very impressed with the fact that it was not filled out by hand.
In fact, it would have been faster for me to complete it by hand, but I wanted to see if I could do this.  

I didn't want to fool around with trying to import a three page PDF document into Scribus (which might be easier) as I didn't have very much time to do it, and I had done something before importing PS, so it was the first thing that came to mind.

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