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D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 16:09:03 CEST 2009

wingsgroup said the following at 04/24/2009 06:26 AM :
> These seems like it should be simple...but, how do I go about designing a
> book cover? How do I get the layout for the back and the spine?

This is a lulu question, right?

Assuming that the answer is Yes, then the lulu one-piece cover manager will
tell you the exact dimensions they want for the cover, including the spine

The one tricky part is that they require 0.25" of extra size in both
dimensions (presumably because of possible errors when cutting the cover),
which means that when you design the cover you have to be prepared for that
much slop in where things are going to appear in the final printed cover.
In particular this means you have to be a bit careful about text on the
spine, and not let it be too close to the edge.

(FWIW, this slop is the one part of the entire lulu process that I find
very annoying and I wish there was some way they could provide a way so you
could submit a cover and know *exactly* where everything was going to appear.)

If you have other lulu questions (again, assuming this is a lulu question),
it might be better to ask privately, since it's a bit OT here.


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