[scribus] line spacing

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 14:43:49 CEST 2009

avox wrote:
> Alison Saylor wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 11:48 PM, Pierre Marchand <capparis at free.fr>
>> wrote:
>>> We would like to know for what exactly you want to change.
>> by change I mean I've successfully spaced out the text so the lines
>> were not so close together and it was centered overall in the text box
>> (not all squished up at the top)
> The easiest way to do this is with the Properties Palette:
> - Select the textframe
> - go to Properties Palette -> Text
> - set linespacing mode to fixed and linespacing to eg 16pt
> - go to Properties Palette -> Shape
> - set the margin at top
Just to amplify a bit. There is a trickiness to the relationship between 
font size and linespacing.

If you click-hold the button to the left of the linespacing spinbox, you 
will see the choices Fixed Linespacing, and Automatic Linespacing, and 
Align to Baseline Grid -- I'm only going to talk about the first 2 
choices here.
In fixed linespacing versus automatic, the main difference is that in 
fixed you can independently adjust the linespacing, you lose this in 
automatic. In both choices, when you are in Select Item mode, changing 
the font size will adjust linespacing automatically according to your 
settings in File > Preferences > Typography, where, for example, 
automatic linespacing of 20% means that linespacing will be 120% of font 

When you are in Edit Contents mode, or in Story Editor and have 
highlighted text, changing font size does _not_ automatically change 
linespacing when you are in fixed linespacing but it does in automatic 
(I note there can be some glitches in this behavior). Also note that in 
Story Editor, you have no linespacing spinbox at all, except if you Edit 

One thing to note is that when you have fonts with different sizes and 
linespacing in a frame, the Text tab information will be misleading or 
wrong in Select Item mode. Changing text parameters in Select Item mode 
changes them for the entire frame.

Align to Baseline Grid is a different concept, which you can read about 
on the wiki if you wish.


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