[scribus] tiff rvb images go yellow

victor / tokiop tor at tokiop.com
Mon Apr 20 18:01:02 CEST 2009

>> The pdf export seems OK (no yellow tint) so it is not a big  
>> problem, and if it is i can convert them to jpeg.. but anyway, did  
>> any one experienced that too ?
> You may want to get and enable ICC profiles. It might be that you  
> were just lucky with your PDF and future results will be erratic.

Thanks Greg for the advice and quick reply ! Indeed ICC profiles is a  
must go, I did tests with the printer and chose the best output for  
the colors.. but the preview problem seems something else:

It looks more like a color-layer misinterpretation than a color  
management problem, you can see it on this capture : http://www.tokiop.com/scribustemp.jpg
the top left frame is jpeg and the colors are ok, the others are rvb  
tiff and should be in the same tints..

Not a big problem since export is ok, and colros work well with jpeg,  
but a bit strange !

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