[scribus] Scribus crashed, cannot access sla-file.

Steve Callcott stotte at firstwish.co.uk
Sun Apr 19 11:46:54 CEST 2009

On Sunday 19 April 2009, stotte at firstwish.co.uk wrote:
> On Sunday 19 April 2009, Owen wrote:
> > > I am desperately seeking help to recover a scribus file. When I edit a
> > > text-box, especially the large one, the application sometimes crashes.
> > > This time, after another crash, I completely lost access to the file.
> > > I have already worked many hours on this document and I absolutely
> > > have to recover it. I'll pay if necessary. This document is for a
> > > Russian publication in Florida, called "Treasure Chest".
> > > (www.tcflorida.net).
> >
> > Further, I meant to add that the file needs to renamed xxx.sla
> If that file exists then I  would make a work copy of it rather than
> attempting to open the original one directly.
> Steve Callcott

After some further though I think I would make a backup of that emergency file 
and put it somewhere safe just in case Scribus overwrites it!

Steve Callcott

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