[scribus] Newbie Questions About Spreads

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 20:37:38 CEST 2009

wingsgroup wrote:
> Yes, I know this is a big project! %-| Hopefully, it will all turn out okay.
> I am using Scribus, so I will look into using the bleed marks. Is
> there a tutorial somewhere? I already re-sized a few pages to include the
> extra .25 that the printer (Lulu.com) requires, but I suppose it would be
> easier to not have to resize the rest.
> I did make a couple master pages and the double-sided pages are not
> displaying a gap between...they butt up against eachother...so I guess I am
> good there.
> As for the guides and margins....That's another thing I guess I'm confused
> about. Once I put the picture across the page, it covers all those. How do I
> make them visible so I know "where I am"? I was thinking it would be like
> other programs (like document programs) where the margins are set and it
> does not allow you to go into them. Sorry if these are stupid questions, but
> I'm just a little confused about the function of those.
The script runs itself and does the work. You can check the Script Info 
(Script > About Script...), which shows some explanation. What the 
script does besides making the bleed is to eventually make individual 
page PDFs into a directory you specify. If an image frame overlaps a 
left and right page, it will appropriately take care of duplicating the 
areas to be trimmed, so you just make one frame that overlaps the pages.

I would suggest just trying it out with a simple test document so you 
can see the end result. You won't be able to have some pages where you 
set bleed manually and some done by the script.

As far as guides and grids showing, there is a setting in File > 
Document Setup > Guides to have them show in the foreground.


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